Hotboooooooox; this place will cause some serious damage to your senses from the moment you enter with some kick-ass impression (in a positive way, chill out!!!). The place has a nice impact especially if you’re hungover. We’d heard a lot about the hotbox brunch so we chose one fine Sunday morning to try this out. … More Hotbox

Brixton Village Grill

Brixton Village Grill is a  small cafe/restaurant with amazing grills with a one page menu and provides amazing food at almost £15 for a three course. It is one of my favourite food places in Brixton Market. I chose sea salt grilled sardines for starters, Piri Piri lamb chops and Cinnamon Banana Fritters with Vanilla Ice cream. The … More Brixton Village Grill

Fish, Wings & Tings

If you hate chicken, you haven’t tried Jerk Chicken for sure. It is the tastiest yummiest form of chicken full of flavor and juices with a sauce famous for its tanginess. Brixton village has a tiny cafe at one corner which should be very easy to identify (Fish, Wings & Tings has the brightest colours … More Fish, Wings & Tings