Week 9

So after my latest measurements I found out that I have actually gained 3% fat partly because of my holiday in Venice and munching on those amazing pizzas and also because I went on a tangent and ate some Chinese take away food to comfort myself about my a**hole manager!!! So the first reaction was … More Week 9

Week 7

Week 7 has been lazy and I kept hitting snooze on new ideas because I went to train extra to catch up with missed sessions and I have jelly legs now ouch!!! Perhaps the most important thing I made this week was spicy baby chicken and I love this recipe because of its simplicity. Take a … More Week 7

Week 8

I pronounce Week 8 the ‘Roasting Week’ with a big realisation I HAVE NOT BEEN EATING VEGGIES!!!!!!! I promised myself I’ll add some more and celebrate a veggie week next week when I come back from Venice (so excited!). Okay so the three main things to dish out this week are: lamb roast, chimichuri bavette … More Week 8

Week 5

Sooo week 5 has passed and unfortunately there hasn’t been much happening on trying new food front other than the below mainly because I have been sick, sore throat is a sore bitch… It is so easy to ruin your diet when sick but I guess it is a good time to reflect and not stray … More Week 5

Week 2

Week 2 has begun and my struggle continues with the completely altered food schedule with a limited set of stuff I can eat. The biggest toll it takes on your sleep but it is getting better especially with the intense exercise which makes me sleep like a log. This week I did some more experimentation … More Week 2