Abadia do Porto

Abadia Do Porto¬†is one of the oldest restaurants of Porto. I asked a few locals and everyone recommended it and described it as the go-to place for food for families on special occasions. Another gentleman told me he has been visiting for decades and never felt the taste change so after a walking tour of … More Abadia do Porto

Cozinha Doce

Cozinha Doce is a small bakery in Ribeira; the small street old district of Porto at the end of what seems like endless stairs (Luckily downhill though) and the walking tour guide was sweet enough to bring us here for the famous slice of chocolate cake. Booking: Walk in and enjoy a slice of life. … More Cozinha Doce

Cantinho Lusitano

Cantinho Lusitano¬†gave us a beautiful evening in Lisboa, one that I’ll remember for a long time. This little comfy place with scrumptious food is ran by a husband and wife team and no its the husband who cooks.. Booking: Highly Recommended. I got mine 2 days ago and it was almost full. Also the space … More Cantinho Lusitano

La Cabrera

‘One of the 50 best steakhouses in South America’ got me really excited about La Cabrera in Buenos Aires and for my last meal in the city I headed to La Cabrera with a local friend. We arrived around 8pm which is really early by South American standards for dinner and we were told there’s … More La Cabrera