Patty & Bun

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like burgers. The thought of a soft bun wrapped around a nice thick patty oozing with melted cheese and smothered in sauce and a few veggies or pickles tickles everyone’s tongue no matter how conservative their taste. I found myself hearing a lot about this cute … More Patty & Bun


There are plenty of nice Japanese restaurants serving Sushi to Kobe beef BBQ in London, Thai food is in plenty as well and Chinese has its own town in Soho. A sister cuisine that is equally scrumptious is Korean food and ASSA is a lovely restaurant in Soho that servers some great Korean food. The … More Assa

Hungry Donkey

Greeks gave us democracy, philosophy, science, medicine and most importantly amazing food (I can live on Feta Cheese alone, yumm!). Hungry Donkey is a beautiful little cafe cum restaurant at walking distance from Aldgate East or Liverpool street stations. The place is modern with cozy environment (albeit the street it is on is not-so-chic!). We … More Hungry Donkey


This one is my favourite, a friend introduced me to Raava and I got hooked. The food is amazing and the place is blissfully quiet. My favourites are Nepalese lamb chops, lamb shank, bhindi bhaji (okra) and best of all parathas, soft warm parathas. the place is not much of a looker and has really … More Ravaa


Tostado is one of the most adorable, cozy and delicious place in Soho. The way you get to this place kind of remind me of Harry Potter because of the way it reveals itself to you. The seating area is quite small and you can see the chef grilling on one side. We decided to … More Tostado

Brixton Village Grill

Brixton Village Grill is a  small cafe/restaurant with amazing grills with a one page menu and provides amazing food at almost £15 for a three course. It is one of my favourite food places in Brixton Market. I chose sea salt grilled sardines for starters, Piri Piri lamb chops and Cinnamon Banana Fritters with Vanilla Ice cream. The … More Brixton Village Grill

Byblos Harbour

London is teeming with places claiming to have authentic Lebanese food which makes it very difficult to find one that is ‘Lebanese’. Last weekend when London was roaring with crazy winds we decided to pay a visit to Byblos Harbour because it includes not only Lebanese food but also Shisha, two birds with one stone… … More Byblos Harbour

Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market is the perfect spot to pick up food on the way or on the way back from Greenwich or Cutty Sark. It’s a small market with small stalls of antiques and other stuff on one side and food stalls on the other. I can’t think of a better place to have food around … More Greenwich Market