Body Transformation Project

I started this 12 weeks projects and decided to document it to try and see where it leads me and how much of new food I discover. i lost about 9% body fat in 12 weeks despite a few hiccups and learnt about the foods we eat in the name of ‘healthy’,’fitness’, ‘clean’ or ‘superfoods’ which are mostly marketing gimmicks.

Follow my journey through and eat your heart out to a great body..

The Journey Begins…

Week 1; The patience testing

Week 2; Getting Comfortable

Week 3; Travel Healthy

Week 4; Equilibrium

Week 5; In sickness & in health

Week 6; Perseverance pays

Week 7; Snoooze

Week 8; Roast it all

Week 9; Leading astray

Week 10; 10 to 10

All’s Well That Ends Well