Hummus Bros

Hummus Bros has been on my foodar for ages and one semi hungry evening I decided to try this place since I was trying to be healthy and wasn’t in the mood for a proper meal. The cafe has a very simple vibe with a dash of hipster thrown in with communal seating and simplistic interior. … More Hummus Bros

Vantra Vitao

Vantra Vitao is located is the most unexpected location for a Vegan restaurant; Oxford Street, surprising! On my drive to find new innovative places to try the love being spread by the vegan warriors we arrived at Vantra. The restaurant has a very cozy and comfortable environment bu unfortunately the food just fails to wow despite … More Vantra Vitao


If you want some exotic teas in London, Yumchaa is your place and with a few shops around central and more stalls around you can’t miss it. My favourite is their Soho shop which I discovered in summer of last year while looking for a place to sit in overcrowded Soho. I have since then, … More Yumchaa

222 Veggie Vegan

If you want to become vegan and not sure if you’re making the right choice or if you will lose all the taste from your food by sacrificing meat, eggs and dairy you need to visit 222 in West Brompton. This small unpretentious and very zen cafe has become my new crush food wise. We … More 222 Veggie Vegan


Ceviche is a sister restaurant of Andina and since our previous encounter with Andina was quite an enjoyable one, we headed to Ceviche to find a more central Peruvian food love spot. Located on Firth street the restaurant is quite simple and looks like any other Soho eatery with an interior to match but it is quite … More Ceviche

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien or LPQ lovingly is an international brand proudly boasting organic ingredients and communal dining. We headed there this Sunday to enjoy some of their salmon and eggs brunch as a healthier alternative to self indulgence and greasy food that keep you full till Tuesday evening. Like all big food chains I was skeptical of … More Le Pain Quotidien

Black Cat

I am not sure how the idea of Vegan and vegetarian food being boring and utterly tasteless crept into our heads but Black Cat is a vegan warrior which will utterly change your opinion no matter how much you love meat. One grey afternoon I headed there with a friend with a lot of allergies … More Black Cat


Crepes, crepes, crepes! This Brazilian creperie is heavenly for a wide variety of savoury and sweet crepes. Located in Brixton village Senzala always has a queue outside but the food is worth the wait, trust me on this one. You can choose between plain white flour or buckwheat and vegan, vegetarian or meat crepes. The biggest … More Senzala