Supernatural¬†is the new super chain; one of almost countless chains serving healthy food and providing paleo options. I am generally not a big fan of juicing diets, low fat and low calorie diets and restrictive diets because they introduce short term change only. I liked supernatural because of the range of options available especially if … More Supernatural


Every single time we decide to go for brunch someone or other puts a case forward for Balthazar and every time it gets delayed in favour of a new or ‘hot’ place. Not anymore, a friends visiting friend prompted an instantaneous booking for brunch at Balthazar last Saturday afternoon.Located at the most touristy place in … More Balthazar


If you want some exotic teas in London, Yumchaa is your place and with a few shops around central and more stalls around you can’t miss it. My favourite is their Soho shop which I discovered in summer of last year while looking for a place to sit in overcrowded Soho. I have since then, … More Yumchaa