Tapas Brindisa

Tapas Brindisa is one of the many restaurants serving the amazing Spanish food in London. This particular one is in London Bridge and obviously we had to try the food to see if it meets our expectations because we all know when it comes to Spanish food more is less! Unfortunately despite being a lovely place … More Tapas Brindisa


Spaniards just don’t do bad food, that’s a fact! Eevery time I have been to a Spanish restaurant in London or anywhere in Spain from Barcelona, Canary Islands to Cordoba and Malaga, I have had amazing food in whichever form I checked. Boqueria is amazinggg! We headed there for a little celebration and I got a massive … More Boqueria


Since I haven’t tried much of Spanish food despite my love of Spain as a country, I looked for some places and got some recommendations from Spanish friends and the top of the list was Barrafina. The restaurant is present in 3 locations but we chose Covent Garden considering it was a stone throw away … More Barrafina


Lobos is our latest accidental discovery ladies and gentlemen. While visiting Borough market my friend and I came across this little cafe right next to London Bridge. Since borough market was being refurbished, we dived into Lobos not thinking much of it (and frankly running out of time, you know how lunch hour goes right?) … More Lobos