Randall & Aubin

“Birthday surprise! We are going to a seafood bar to celebrate, put your party pants on and get ready for some oyster party in your mouth”. This was my conversation with my friend who got mega excited about Randall & Aubin and we headed there one fine evening all dressed up and happy. We were … More Randall & Aubin


There are plenty of nice Japanese restaurants serving Sushi to Kobe beef BBQ in London, Thai food is in plenty as well and Chinese has its own town in Soho. A sister cuisine that is equally scrumptious is Korean food and ASSA is a lovely restaurant in Soho that servers some great Korean food. The … More Assa

Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard; my first Russian place in London. Beautiful interior, amazing food and perfect desserts, this place is a must go for a great meal, a good first date or any occasion you want to add great ambiance and food to. This is the type of place where you have a button to call champagne … More Bob Bob Ricard