Hyderabad Darbar

Not every quest to get your hands on yummy food is a success and sadly Hyderabad Darbar was one such fruitless journey to Green road. My friend bigged the place up with talks of amazing desi food. Now if there’s something that excites me it is the prospect of eating some amazing Biryani. A short trip to … More Hyderabad Darbar

Royal Nawaab

Royal Nawaab is the best place to go to if you’re interested in the widest variety of Pakistani food from Sindhi Biryani to Paye (goat feet) to Nihari to Namkeen gosht; all of them specialties from different regions of the culturally rich country. Contrary to popular belief Pakistani food is NOT the same as Indian food, … More Royal Nawaab

Raavi Kebab

This little restaurant/cafe is tucked between some other Asian restaurants but for 2 qualities it stands out; the homely feelings and cosy environment and the taste. It feels like a canteen when you enter with simple chairs and tables and lack of frills. When I first visited I was a bit skeptical but sat patiently … More Raavi Kebab