Meat Liquor

Meat Liquor reminds me of Persian empire, fascinating, charming, powerful (taste wise) but sadly the sun has set on both and the days of excess and glory are gone, only remnants of good days left. I visited Meat Liquor 4 years ago in its prime and stood in a queue for about an hour and … More Meat Liquor

Zelman Meats

Zelman meats is the rockstar of Soho with its own brand and flavour of meats and we chose it for a friends birthday lunch. The staff was extremely sweet and friendly and showed us in even when the place was quite busy we didn’t see any frowns on staff.¬†We were seated and provided menus which … More Zelman Meats

Bleecker Burger

Bleecker Street Burger is the best burger in London full stop!!! A small walk from my office in Canary Wharf I saw this little trailer shop with a 5 liner me u; something that always excites me because it means they don’t need to have 10 million items to attract customers. This is the Bleecker … More Bleecker Burger

Patty & Bun

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like burgers. The thought of a soft bun wrapped around a nice thick patty oozing with melted cheese and smothered in sauce and a few veggies or pickles tickles everyone’s tongue no matter how conservative their taste. I found myself hearing a lot about this cute … More Patty & Bun

The Table Cafe

Our latest discovery is this interesting cafe near London Bridge. This place is a brunch burger heaven with a lot of interesting options for pan cakes and waffles on the side. We arrived and were seated fairly quickly, we decided to sit outside since the weather was quite lovely. We started with some tea and … More The Table Cafe