Until recently I was unaware of this place despite working just around the corner but an evening stroll opened this little secret with a friend who wanted to try Turkish food ‘around’. The entrance and the sitting hall are pretty standard and reminded me of the romanticised idea of restaurants in Middle East; massive and … More Hazev 


With so many Turkish restaurants in Harringay, Manor House and Wood Green area, it isn’t easy to judge which one’s are good unless you have a Turkish friend who lives in the area and knows good places. Gokyuzu came highly recommended and one chilly evening we headed there to enjoy the Turkish goodness. The way … More Gokyuzu


My first Persian restaurants review is an exciting and slightly embarrassing accolade. Despite being half Persians I haven’t been to many Persian places in London especially good Persian places and I especially after I strayed the blog but Saffron has been on the list for ages because of my last encounter with the place and … More Saffron

Royal Nawaab

Royal Nawaab is the best place to go to if you’re interested in the widest variety of Pakistani food from Sindhi Biryani to Paye (goat feet) to Nihari to Namkeen gosht; all of them specialties from different regions of the culturally rich country. Contrary to popular belief Pakistani food is NOT the same as Indian food, … More Royal Nawaab

FM Mangal

There’s plenty of Turkish restaurant in London but what makes FM Mangal stand out is the quality of meat. This place can be easily described in two words as ‘Fresh BBQ’. Turkish food uses a different set of spices than South Asian food; the focus is on aroma and taste rather than the level of … More FM Mangal

Raavi Kebab

This little restaurant/cafe is tucked between some other Asian restaurants but for 2 qualities it stands out; the homely feelings and cosy environment and the taste. It feels like a canteen when you enter with simple chairs and tables and lack of frills. When I first visited I was a bit skeptical but sat patiently … More Raavi Kebab

Byblos Harbour

London is teeming with places claiming to have authentic Lebanese food which makes it very difficult to find one that is ‘Lebanese’. Last weekend when London was roaring with crazy winds we decided to pay a visit to Byblos Harbour because it includes not only Lebanese food but also Shisha, two birds with one stone… … More Byblos Harbour