Vantra Vitao

Vantra Vitao┬áis located is the most unexpected location for a Vegan restaurant; Oxford Street, surprising! On my drive to find new innovative places to try the love being spread by the vegan warriors we arrived at Vantra. The restaurant has a very cozy and comfortable environment bu unfortunately the food just fails to wow despite … More Vantra Vitao


Supernatural┬áis the new super chain; one of almost countless chains serving healthy food and providing paleo options. I am generally not a big fan of juicing diets, low fat and low calorie diets and restrictive diets because they introduce short term change only. I liked supernatural because of the range of options available especially if … More Supernatural

222 Veggie Vegan

If you want to become vegan and not sure if you’re making the right choice or if you will lose all the taste from your food by sacrificing meat, eggs and dairy you need to visit 222 in West Brompton. This small unpretentious and very zen cafe has become my new crush food wise. We … More 222 Veggie Vegan