Every single time we decide to go for brunch someone or other puts a case forward for Balthazar and every time it gets delayed in favour of a new or ‘hot’ place. Not anymore, a friends visiting friend prompted an instantaneous booking for brunch at Balthazar last Saturday afternoon.Located at the most touristy place in … More Balthazar

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien or LPQ lovingly is an international brand proudly boasting organic ingredients and communal dining. We headed there this Sunday to enjoy some of their salmon and eggs brunch as a healthier alternative to self indulgence and greasy food that keep you full till Tuesday evening. Like all big food chains I was skeptical of … More Le Pain Quotidien


A lazy Sunday brunch hunt in Old Spitalfields market revealed an extremely amazing surprise, Androuet; a fondue restaurant with an amazing selection of cheese and my favourite and sought after Bresola beef… On one side you will find a very neatly kept shop with a great selection of cheese and wine to pair with the cheese … More Androuet 

Brasserie Zedel

There’s something about France and everything French that makes us feel romantic, soft, mushy and madly in love. Add some soft and a historic location and some good food and you have a great evening to your hand; or at least that’s what we hoped for when we visited Zedel. The restaurant is quite ordinary … More Brasserie Zedel

Randall & Aubin

“Birthday surprise! We are going to a seafood bar to celebrate, put your party pants on and get ready for some oyster party in your mouth”. This was my conversation with my friend who got mega excited about Randall & Aubin and we headed there one fine evening all dressed up and happy. We were … More Randall & Aubin