Vantra Vitao

Vantra Vitao┬áis located is the most unexpected location for a Vegan restaurant; Oxford Street, surprising! On my drive to find new innovative places to try the love being spread by the vegan warriors we arrived at Vantra. The restaurant has a very cozy and comfortable environment bu unfortunately the food just fails to wow despite … More Vantra Vitao

Nordic Bakery

It’s a beautiful sunny day in London and I am sitting in Golden Square eating my Cinnamon bun with the concentration that I’ll never get it again ever. This place makes the most amazing cinnamon buns and Nordic confectionery including cookies and muffins and not to forget the soft Rye bread. I don’t think I’ve … More Nordic Bakery

Cutter & Squidge

Fancy some biskies? What are biskies? Head to this cute bakery in Soho and enjoy the vast range of exotic cakes and biskies with free ice cream on the side along with the idea of what these are. Fine; biskies are mini dessert sandwiches made of cookies or cakes and full of butterscotch cream, jelly … More Cutter & Squidge

Hummingbird Bakery

God made unicorns and Santa for kids and cupcakes for us adults to feel eternal joy in life. Hummingbird bakery understands this perfectly and hence the delicious, amazing and perfect looking cupcakes. There’s plenty to choose from but I gave my heart to Red Velvet cupcakes. These remind me of how sweet life is at … More Hummingbird Bakery


I found this little bundle of joy when trying to find a place to sit on a cold winter eve for a date. The beautiful parlour is located very conveniently in Soho and we just found ourselves with Waffles and crepes after a few minutes of entering. I am going to be honest here, I … More Scoop


A casual stroll around the Angel area always revealed interesting places; a nice stream with a sitting area around, plenty of nice boutique shops and most importantly food places. The latest discovery is an Austrian Gem. Kipferl is a beautiful cafe serving great Austrian food. With its nice airy environment, plenty of light and relaxing … More Kipferl