Hawksmoor is the best place to go to for an amazing Sunday roast ~ My flatmate. And I completely and wholeheartedly agree, although I am not a big fan of Sunday roasts in general because of how bland they usually are and you need alcohol to chug them down, this one was a clear exception. Hawksmoor … More Hawksmoor

Burnt Restaurant 

An absolute delight by any standard, Burnt Restaurant was introduced to me by a blogger friend who was aware of the awesome work done by the chef in his previous endeavors and I have to thank her for this one from the bottom of my stomach. I loved the Sunday brunch followed by a walk up the … More Burnt Restaurant 

Village East

Bermondsey High street has a great mix of places so we headed last night for a dinner to try some and finally got a place at Village East of Bermondsey. The interior was very impressive and the seating around the bar area was quite comfortable. Seeing the bartenders making cocktails is always an interesting experience … More Village East


Every single time we decide to go for brunch someone or other puts a case forward for Balthazar and every time it gets delayed in favour of a new or ‘hot’ place. Not anymore, a friends visiting friend prompted an instantaneous booking for brunch at Balthazar last Saturday afternoon.Located at the most touristy place in … More Balthazar

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien or LPQ lovingly is an international brand proudly boasting organic ingredients and communal dining. We headed there this Sunday to enjoy some of their salmon and eggs brunch as a healthier alternative to self indulgence and greasy food that keep you full till Tuesday evening. Like all big food chains I was skeptical of … More Le Pain Quotidien


Lobos is our latest accidental discovery ladies and gentlemen. While visiting Borough market my friend and I came across this little cafe right next to London Bridge. Since borough market was being refurbished, we dived into Lobos not thinking much of it (and frankly running out of time, you know how lunch hour goes right?) … More Lobos


Hotboooooooox; this place will cause some serious damage to your senses from the moment you enter with some kick-ass impression (in a positive way, chill out!!!). The place has a nice impact especially if you’re hungover. We’d heard a lot about the hotbox brunch so we chose one fine Sunday morning to try this out. … More Hotbox

Patty & Bun

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like burgers. The thought of a soft bun wrapped around a nice thick patty oozing with melted cheese and smothered in sauce and a few veggies or pickles tickles everyone’s tongue no matter how conservative their taste. I found myself hearing a lot about this cute … More Patty & Bun

Hungry Donkey

Greeks gave us democracy, philosophy, science, medicine and most importantly amazing food (I can live on Feta Cheese alone, yumm!). Hungry Donkey is a beautiful little cafe cum restaurant at walking distance from Aldgate East or Liverpool street stations. The place is modern with cozy environment (albeit the street it is on is not-so-chic!). We … More Hungry Donkey

Nordic Bakery

It’s a beautiful sunny day in London and I am sitting in Golden Square eating my Cinnamon bun with the concentration that I’ll never get it again ever. This place makes the most amazing cinnamon buns and Nordic confectionery including cookies and muffins and not to forget the soft Rye bread. I don’t think I’ve … More Nordic Bakery