Warung Padang

Warung Padang our latest venture into the far eastern world of spicy and yet extremely delicious food. Warung Padang is located 1 tube stop away which has huge eating implications and I am already in love. Unassuming decor, amazing food, quite cheap and amazingly authentic, I love my flatmate for introducing me to this hidden gem. … More Warung Padang

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a good option if you happen to be in Walthamstow just as I was one fine evening when sun was deviously shining in March in London followed by a chilly evening. Quite close to the station it is one of the best restaurants in the area but I wouldn’t go there for authentic … More Turtle Bay


Spaniards just don’t do bad food, that’s a fact! Eevery time I have been to a Spanish restaurant in London or anywhere in Spain from Barcelona, Canary Islands to Cordoba and Malaga, I have had amazing food in whichever form I checked. Boqueria is amazinggg! We headed there for a little celebration and I got a massive … More Boqueria

Royal China

Dim sum Sundays are fantastic and Royal China makes them even more fun. This particular branch is at the river bank in Canary Wharf and you can soak up some sun before sitting inside to eat yourself to food coma. Booking: Highly Recommended, there has been very few times I didn’t see a long queue … More Royal China

Village East

Bermondsey High street has a great mix of places so we headed last night for a dinner to try some and finally got a place at Village East of Bermondsey. The interior was very impressive and the seating around the bar area was quite comfortable. Seeing the bartenders making cocktails is always an interesting experience … More Village East

Bleecker Burger

Bleecker Street Burger is the best burger in London full stop!!! A small walk from my office in Canary Wharf I saw this little trailer shop with a 5 liner me u; something that always excites me because it means they don’t need to have 10 million items to attract customers. This is the Bleecker … More Bleecker Burger


Polpo; the only place I had to wait for on three different occasions and left because the queue was too damn long. I was smart this time and made a brunch reservation and arrived at the exact time to make sure I don’t miss it this time. The restaurant is located in Soho though they … More Polpo


Lobos is our latest accidental discovery ladies and gentlemen. While visiting Borough market my friend and I came across this little cafe right next to London Bridge. Since borough market was being refurbished, we dived into Lobos not thinking much of it (and frankly running out of time, you know how lunch hour goes right?) … More Lobos


Kaosarn is a diamond in the rough. This small unassuming and very simple cafe serves great Thai food and that’s it. It is located in Brixton village market at the corner. You can choose outdoor or indoor seats. We decided on indoors because it was a pretty tough day outside. The staff is extremely friendly and … More Kaosarn 


Polish food; one of the mysteries for me, on all previous occasions I’ve had it it’s been a mixed feeling, some were really awesome and some quite bad so to get an idea of what the most famous Polish restaurant we headed to Mamuska. This used to be a small deli inside the Elephant and … More Mamuska