Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a good option if you happen to be in Walthamstow just as I was one fine evening when sun was deviously shining in March in London followed by a chilly evening. Quite close to the station it is one of the best restaurants in the area but I wouldn’t go there for authentic … More Turtle Bay

Masala Zone

Masala Zone is a chain of Indian restaurants and I have some embarrassing memories associated with the name. The story goes, when the restaurant was being launched in Soho I participated in a flash mob Indian Bhangra style dance and I was absolutely sh*t at it. It was great fun though so yeah Masala Zone… The … More Masala Zone

Hummus Bros

Hummus Bros has been on my foodar for ages and one semi hungry evening I decided to try this place since I was trying to be healthy and wasn’t in the mood for a proper meal. The cafe has a very simple vibe with a dash of hipster thrown in with communal seating and simplistic interior. … More Hummus Bros

Royal China

Dim sum Sundays are fantastic and Royal China makes them even more fun. This particular branch is at the river bank in Canary Wharf and you can soak up some sun before sitting inside to eat yourself to food coma. Booking: Highly Recommended, there has been very few times I didn’t see a long queue … More Royal China


Supernatural is the new super chain; one of almost countless chains serving healthy food and providing paleo options. I am generally not a big fan of juicing diets, low fat and low calorie diets and restrictive diets because they introduce short term change only. I liked supernatural because of the range of options available especially if … More Supernatural


With so many Turkish restaurants in Harringay, Manor House and Wood Green area, it isn’t easy to judge which one’s are good unless you have a Turkish friend who lives in the area and knows good places. Gokyuzu came highly recommended and one chilly evening we headed there to enjoy the Turkish goodness. The way … More Gokyuzu


Ceviche is a sister restaurant of Andina and since our previous encounter with Andina was quite an enjoyable one, we headed to Ceviche to find a more central Peruvian food love spot. Located on Firth street the restaurant is quite simple and looks like any other Soho eatery with an interior to match but it is quite … More Ceviche

Raavi Kebab

This little restaurant/cafe is tucked between some other Asian restaurants but for 2 qualities it stands out; the homely feelings and cosy environment and the taste. It feels like a canteen when you enter with simple chairs and tables and lack of frills. When I first visited I was a bit skeptical but sat patiently … More Raavi Kebab

Meat People

In front of a little grassy patch on Angel high street, there’s a little restaurant cum diner which is our latest discovery. Meat People has some interesting ideas from the yellow sofas and dimly lit seating area and a lot of wood in interior to sweet potato purée with steak. The staff is very friendly … More Meat People

Hummingbird Bakery

God made unicorns and Santa for kids and cupcakes for us adults to feel eternal joy in life. Hummingbird bakery understands this perfectly and hence the delicious, amazing and perfect looking cupcakes. There’s plenty to choose from but I gave my heart to Red Velvet cupcakes. These remind me of how sweet life is at … More Hummingbird Bakery