Hawksmoor is the best place to go to for an amazing Sunday roast ~ My flatmate. And I completely and wholeheartedly agree, although I am not a big fan of Sunday roasts in general because of how bland they usually are and you need alcohol to chug them down, this one was a clear exception. Hawksmoor … More Hawksmoor

Tapas Brindisa

Tapas Brindisa is one of the many restaurants serving the amazing Spanish food in London. This particular one is in London Bridge and obviously we had to try the food to see if it meets our expectations because we all know when it comes to Spanish food more is less! Unfortunately despite being a lovely place … More Tapas Brindisa

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a good option if you happen to be in Walthamstow just as I was one fine evening when sun was deviously shining in March in London followed by a chilly evening. Quite close to the station it is one of the best restaurants in the area but I wouldn’t go there for authentic … More Turtle Bay

Hummus Bros

Hummus Bros has been on my foodar for ages and one semi hungry evening I decided to try this place since I was trying to be healthy and wasn’t in the mood for a proper meal. The cafe has a very simple vibe with a dash of hipster thrown in with communal seating and simplistic interior. … More Hummus Bros

Hyderabad Darbar

Not every quest to get your hands on yummy food is a success and sadly Hyderabad Darbar was one such fruitless journey to Green road. My friend bigged the place up with talks of amazing desi food. Now if there’s something that excites me it is the prospect of eating some amazing Biryani. A short trip to … More Hyderabad Darbar

Royal China

Dim sum Sundays are fantastic and Royal China makes them even more fun. This particular branch is at the river bank in Canary Wharf and you can soak up some sun before sitting inside to eat yourself to food coma. Booking: Highly Recommended, there has been very few times I didn’t see a long queue … More Royal China


Supernatural is the new super chain; one of almost countless chains serving healthy food and providing paleo options. I am generally not a big fan of juicing diets, low fat and low calorie diets and restrictive diets because they introduce short term change only. I liked supernatural because of the range of options available especially if … More Supernatural


Until recently I was unaware of this place despite working just around the corner but an evening stroll opened this little secret with a friend who wanted to try Turkish food ‘around’. The entrance and the sitting hall are pretty standard and reminded me of the romanticised idea of restaurants in Middle East; massive and … More Hazev 

Taberna do Mercado

On the hunt for some Portuguese food, I asked a few Portuguese and Brazillian friends and selected Taberna do Mercado for a dinner date. This place with a modern take on traditional Portuguese food and Nuno Mendez behind the scenes seemed very tempting. I made the reservation which was easy enough and on the day … More Taberna do Mercado