Hawksmoor is the best place to go to for an amazing Sunday roast ~ My flatmate. And I completely and wholeheartedly agree, although I am not a big fan of Sunday roasts in general because of how bland they usually are and you need alcohol to chug them down, this one was a clear exception. Hawksmoor … More Hawksmoor

Tapas Brindisa

Tapas Brindisa is one of the many restaurants serving the amazing Spanish food in London. This particular one is in London Bridge and obviously we had to try the food to see if it meets our expectations because we all know when it comes to Spanish food more is less! Unfortunately despite being a lovely place … More Tapas Brindisa

Masala Zone

Masala Zone is a chain of Indian restaurants and I have some embarrassing memories associated with the name. The story goes, when the restaurant was being launched in Soho I participated in a flash mob Indian Bhangra style dance and I was absolutely sh*t at it. It was great fun though so yeah Masala Zone… The … More Masala Zone

Meat Liquor

Meat Liquor reminds me of Persian empire, fascinating, charming, powerful (taste wise) but sadly the sun has set on both and the days of excess and glory are gone, only remnants of good days left. I visited Meat Liquor 4 years ago in its prime and stood in a queue for about an hour and … More Meat Liquor

Hummus Bros

Hummus Bros has been on my foodar for ages and one semi hungry evening I decided to try this place since I was trying to be healthy and wasn’t in the mood for a proper meal. The cafe has a very simple vibe with a dash of hipster thrown in with communal seating and simplistic interior. … More Hummus Bros

Zelman Meats

Zelman meats is the rockstar of Soho with its own brand and flavour of meats and we chose it for a friends birthday lunch. The staff was extremely sweet and friendly and showed us in even when the place was quite busy we didn’t see any frowns on staff. We were seated and provided menus which … More Zelman Meats

Vantra Vitao

Vantra Vitao is located is the most unexpected location for a Vegan restaurant; Oxford Street, surprising! On my drive to find new innovative places to try the love being spread by the vegan warriors we arrived at Vantra. The restaurant has a very cozy and comfortable environment bu unfortunately the food just fails to wow despite … More Vantra Vitao

Royal China

Dim sum Sundays are fantastic and Royal China makes them even more fun. This particular branch is at the river bank in Canary Wharf and you can soak up some sun before sitting inside to eat yourself to food coma. Booking: Highly Recommended, there has been very few times I didn’t see a long queue … More Royal China

Royal Dragon

Where do you go to eat when it’s Chinese New Year and you are planning on attending full day’s events? Soho China town!!! While looking for a place to try dim sum we found Royal Dragon in the middle of street which somehow had seats for us within 15 minutes (almost a miracle, it’s like … More Royal Dragon

Village East

Bermondsey High street has a great mix of places so we headed last night for a dinner to try some and finally got a place at Village East of Bermondsey. The interior was very impressive and the seating around the bar area was quite comfortable. Seeing the bartenders making cocktails is always an interesting experience … More Village East