Faz Gostos


Faz Gostos is an interesting place in Faro Old Town. After a long day at the beach relaxing, swimming in Atlantic and napping (tough life!) we headed to Faz Gosto.

The restaurant was not the best we have had but it definitely had some interesting food ideas and the mix of relaxed but chic interior made the whole experience wholesome.

Booking: Its quite a relaxed town but I’d recommend getting a reservation in high season.

Interior and Ambiance: Relaxed, trendy and surprising! The exterior doesn’t give you a clue what it translates into once you cross the door.


A good take on traditional and fusion food! The menu had lots of variety and some of the choice of using locally sourced fruits and veg made it a lot more personal even if the dishes were world renowned.



Bread sticks with Pate and butter sauce with Oilve oil was a good combo to start the meal especially when you are hungry after swimming.

Farmed Clams with Garlic and Fresh Herbs – My favourite out of the whole meal. I was so hungry and the clams were so nicely done I used my hands and loved it.


XARÉM (Maize Porridge) with Clams – Slightly bland for my taste but my local friend was impressed.



Duck Magret in pastry shell with Figs from Algarve and Grapes from Douro – I had very high hopes of this but unfortunately it was really bland and boring and if it weren’t for figs and grapes it would be utterly dull.

Leg of Lamb – A good choice; the meat was perfectly done with nice chunks of potatoes and the best quality was meat being properly seasoned which doesn’t happen everywhere.

Things to love: Location, Atmosphere

Negatives: Price

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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