Restaurante Stasha

Stasha is located at the lower end of Bairro Alto, the famous nightlife district famous for its fun nights and great food. After a few interesting meals around I really wanted to have a good dinner here because it was recommended and this neighbourhood is rightly holder of the title of food district.

Stasha is quite an interesting dark red restaurant with very strong flavours and exuberant food that will leave you satisfied for quite some time with a happy tummy feeling.

Booking: It is quite a busy establishment so I’d recommend a reservation especially in high season.

Interior and Ambiance: Slightly disappointing for me because it is VERY red and that triggers a little claustrophobia and lighting doesn’t help much either. You will soon forget though because it is quite comfy and cosy.



You will arrive with food on your table already (nibbles and cold meat cuts usually) and this is a usual practice in Portugal. I you do not use them you won’t be charged which is a new concept for me because I cannot stop eating anywhere. Olives were great though.


Traditional Portuguese sheep cheese – It is usually quite salty and runny so be careful when opening it. The texture was quite good though.


Garlic fried Prawns – I don’t think I ate anything so consistently in Portugal as this. I love garlic and I love prawns and this one came with a slightly tangy but amazing sauce and if it weren’t a public place I would have licked the bowl clean with my tongue.


The fish was quite good but like all cod does; slightly bland. The rice were quite nice with a dash of lemon and the Cockles.

Veal Medallions with Porto sauce – nom nom nom! I just couldn’t stop eating tis and I don’t think it would be half as good without the Port sauce, absolutely fantastic!

Things to love: Location, Food, food pairing

Negatives: Interior, prices

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

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