Cantinho Lusitano


Cantinho Lusitano gave us a beautiful evening in Lisboa, one that I’ll remember for a long time. This little comfy place with scrumptious food is ran by a husband and wife team and no its the husband who cooks..

Booking: Highly Recommended. I got mine 2 days ago and it was almost full. Also the space is limited so make a booking for sure.

Interior and Ambiance:

The ‘canteen’ is in Principe Real and very comfy. Its quite simplistic and very homely which is very representative of how Lisbon is and how calm and relaxed Portuguese are as people; very apt!


The menu was quite a selection of different food from traditional Portuguese dishes and fusion options with a modern touch or entirely new palette. The bread and butter with perfectly marinated olives kept us hungry tourists quite busy after a long day of falling in love with Lisbon.


We got a bunch of dishes to share along with Caipirinhas and green wine (no it doesn’t look green, its just made of greener younger grapes and is more prosecco-ish; quite a refreshing taste.

Traditional Soft Paste Cheese from “Azeitão” – The cheese was quite creamy, strong and salty and went with the crispy bread.


Meat Rolls with Mint and Greek Yogurt Sauce – the smokey taste with cumin was delicious and the counter taste with Greek yogurt was awesome.


Grilled Black Pork “Farinheira” with Bell Pepper Jam – I didn’t dip in but my friends thought it was quite delicious with the jam.


Baked Octopus – AMAZING, Portuguese have a way with seafood and Octopus that I have never seen anywhere. Soft with perfect sauce and the left over bread just made it better.


Garlic Shrimps – The best thing on the menu for me personally and this was a place where everything was amazing. Shrimp was soft and perfectly cooked with perfect garlic sauce, literally spoon licking good.


“Pica-Pau” (Strips of Beef with Special Sauce and Fried Sweet Potatoes) – The sauce was quite awesome. At first I found the beef chunks slightly bland but add the sauce and a bit of sweet potato chips the whole thing settles down in your mouth perfectly, its like a puzzle or a piece of art…

Cod “Pataniscas” with Rice and Beans – We were quite full when this arrived but there was nothing left in the plate or bowl when we left. Fish cakes were crispy and perfectly made and rice and beans just made it better.



Things to love: Foood, prices, variety, environment, staff hospitality.

Negatives: None whatsoever!

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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