Warung Padang

Warung Padang our latest venture into the far eastern world of spicy and yet extremely delicious food. Warung Padang is located 1 tube stop away which has huge eating implications and I am already in love. Unassuming decor, amazing food, quite cheap and amazingly authentic, I love my flatmate for introducing me to this hidden gem.


Booking: For evenings and weekends, bookings are recommended but we went for a Sunday brunch and there weren’t a lot of people.

Interior and Ambiance: Simple and quite homely, almost felt like we were sitting in a middle class Indonesian eatery in Indonesia. Good job there!


The menu was quite interesting and had a few options. Noticeably vegetables were missing and a couple of things were not available.



Crispy veg rolls with chilli sauce – Pretty standard but nicely crispy and fresh.



Nasi Padang Special – A good mix of chicken, beef, kale curry, chilli egg, boiled rice and sauces. Absolutely delicious and the kale curry makes it amazing and balances the spices. The sauces are quite strong. Beef was amazingly soft and just got shredded easily. Amazing food.

My friends ordered Nasi Padand Rendang Sapi and Nasi Padang Ayam Goreng and the plates were left clean which is a good enough indicator it was good too.


Things to love: Simple menu, authentic food, cheap prices

Negatives: Lack of veg options

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££




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