Tapas Brindisa

Tapas Brindisa is one of the many restaurants serving the amazing Spanish food in London. This particular one is in London Bridge and obviously we had to try the food to see if it meets our expectations because we all know when it comes to Spanish food more is less!

Unfortunately despite being a lovely place and buzzing environment along with very friendly staff the food was a bit of disappointment and trust em we were more distraught than the staff or management. Let’s have some details, shall we?

Booking: Highly recommended, we didn’t book and had to wait 30 minutes for dinner even though it was quite early but the staff was very accommodating and friendly.

Interior and Ambiance:

To be honest it is quite trivial and there isn’t much to notice in the vintage-ish coloured walls with same coloured lights and red furniture. It is quite buzzing however and quite lively to compensate for mundane interior.



The menu is quite standard with different options and variations of traditional food with a few quite interesting ideas thrown in the mix so we decided to do a little mix of both.


Mojamo – Cured Tuna with Spiced pears – It was an interesting combo and I’ve never had cured Tuna before which was delicious especially paired with pears in olive oil.

Fried Peppers – I loooouve these peppers. The slightly tarnished skin and gooey pepper inside is a great taste and they are not even hot so you can easily eat a plateful as starter without any burning sensation. So far so good!

Tortilla – This si where things got a bit weird, Tortilla was cold and quite solid. It also came as a cake slice so I am assuming it was made in a big enough portion like cake and then sliced. To be honest it ruined the flavour.

Arroz Negro – I love these rice with cuttlefish ink but these were more bitey than usual almost at the verge of undercooked and the sauce was fairly mediocre with almost no taste.

Lamb Cutlets – Nicely done and perfectly medium rare, The sauce however was bland.

Things to love: Location, Service.

Negatives: Slightly shaky food, Pricey.

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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