Osteria ‘Ai Osti

Osteria ‘Ai Osti is awesomeeeee! It is a true Osteria turned slightly bigger because there are a lot of tourists around now but the homely feeling, simple interior and great local tasting food with lots of seafood options make it almost a rare find in a city in which everything revolves around making it expensive and impressive for tourists.

Booking: Not required, I would highly recommend a lunch though instead of a dinner. It is very conveniently located and about 15 minute walk to Rialto Bridge with lots of great things to see on the way.

Interior and Ambiance: Simple, homely and full of local people particularly students and families, the restaurants is quite small and cozy and has some outdoor seationg for summer as well.


It has been quite long since I visited a place with a handwritten simple menu and the variations were based on what goes in spaghetti, you know one of those moments when the staff doesn’t speak any English, Menu is in Italian and you have to use Google Translate; absolutely brilliant!


Spaghetti with Clams – Quite interesting with lots of clams and a subtle seafood flavour with spaghetti, quite a lovely combo more on the salty side.

White Fish – The fish was freshly baked and with a light olive oil dressing and salad and almost no spices on it, it was delicious and fresh.

Things to love: Simple local food, homely feeling, seafood options.

Negatives: Service is a little slow because there’s literally 2 people running the whole place but they are quite friendly.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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