Mercado da Riberia 


Mercado Da Ribeira is the best venture of TimeOut I have seen anywhere and I’m more than glad they did. This market hosted us for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the 3 day trip (I hate eating at the same place for more than once but oh my! this was an absolute treat). I stayed very close to it near Cais do sodre which is also the station where you catch the train for beautiful Cascais; the beach town.

This market is a combo of some of the best eateries in Lisbon and a quick peek will tell you why.

Booking: The market opens from 10am and open till quite late at night. You just need to walk in. It is a bit of issue to find a place during lunch and dinner but crowd thins down soon. At night they remove some chairs to make more of a bar environment. Obviously you don’t need booking to come in..

Interior and Ambiance:

It is actually quite cool inside especially the food hall, all the eateries look almost alike with same basic design sign boards which makes it look really chic. The seating area and lighting is very modern and the bars and digital beer taps are quite a hip thing in there.


The food is from some of the best restaurants, cafes and eateries in town, you can read the list here but I am quoting a few of the names below:

Café de São Bento

Conserveira de Lisboa

Garrafeira Nacional

Casa da Ginja

Henrique Sá Pessoa



My God! These croquettes were absolutely amazing, my absolute favourite ones were the ones with cuttlefish (dark ones), the other ones I liked were goat cheese and caramalised onions.

Pedron peppers are my absolute favourite and can eat a whole plate without thinking twice and same happened here, we went through these till food came , kept eating and then with the food, absolutely awesome!

the other yummy thing was Cod roe eggs battered and fried and duck confit croquettes with orange jam, Foodgasmic!!!


So the first entry in the market was for lunch and we had Cod with chickpeas and puree which is quite a popular and traditional dish in Portugal, absolutely amazing!

I am not a big Nandos and Peri Peri chicken fan but this chicken my friend ordered was something else, properly seasoned and paprika smoked, it had full flavout all the way to the bone. I am actually thankful to my friend for ordering this otherwise I would have missed out completely.

by the way sorry for spoiling your love for Nandos but it was invented in South Africa and the only thing relevant to Portugal is the rooster on the sign (even that’s Dictator Salazar’s doing), sorry if I have ruined your illusion of eating Portuguese food else where in Nandos 😉

Oh AND grilled chicken like this is called Frango here…

The best part was this amazing rice with scallops on top made in black sauce with a hint of truffles and cheese. mouth watering and absolutely amazing…


You know this right? Need I provide details?


The cheese cakes were delicious, frankly the best I’ve had in ages, even better than the ones in London. The rest looked pretty good as well with a few here and there bites.


and you have the try the cocktails…

Things to love: Selection of eateries, ambiance, amazing food, value for money,

Negatives: Busy during peak times

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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