Spaniards just don’t do bad food, that’s a fact! Eevery time I have been to a Spanish restaurant in London or anywhere in Spain from Barcelona, Canary Islands to Cordoba and Malaga, I have had amazing food in whichever form I checked.

Boqueria is amazinggg! We headed there for a little celebration and I got a massive thank you for choosing such an amazing place with great food. The location was a bit of a find but there’s always Uber for that hah!


Booking: Highly Recommended. I booked a week in advance but the staff is extremely friendly and sweet.

Interior and Ambiance: The entrance is a bar with simple grey walls and very selective lighting, perfectly my type of space. The dining area is beautiful with half glass ceiling so you can enjoy natural light and I suppose it would look amazing with rain. Finally someone has made rain romantic in London.


The menu is a great combo of meat, veg, seafood, jamon, cheese and mouth watering desserts and on top of that they do monthly special dishes on the blackboard,n a very well balanced menu indeed.


Marinated Olives – They’re olives right, you know how they are..

Pan con Tomate – Soft inside, crispy outside bread, absolutely amazing!


Main: We ordered a few things and shared between us.

Arroz Negro – The rice were very nicely done and I always love the seafood-y taste cuttlefish ink brings to the rice. The mussels were a little salty but the rest was good especially with a few lemon drops.

Tortilla – Tortilla is a pretty good indicator of the standard of spanish cooking anywhere and Boqueria has perfected the art. The soft centre just melts when you cut it and the sauce is just the right level of spice so as to not disturb the taste of eggs.

Duck Magret with pears in Jerez vinegar and cinnamon – Foodgasmic! I wasn’t sure what made this dish so amazing and I’m still undecided but the combo of sweet with meat and cinnamom on top with Jerez vinegar just makes the flavours explode in your mouth together.

Sea bass with spinach, anise, pine nuts and praline dressing – I am not a fan of fish in restaurants but my one bite of fish was quite good.


Goats cheese with caremalised onions and red fruit – I’m pretty sure God will create a special heaven for the person who invented goat cheese, warm cheese and sweet sauce, caramalised onions and those crispy bread wedges, yum yum and yum!



Passion fruit cheesecake with mango mousse – I am running out of words to describe food here. Very summery and very well put together, absolutely loved this show stopper.


Choco explosion – Chocolateeeeee was awesome so much so that my friend gave me a stern stare when I lunged forward for a second spoon so yeah you can guess how amazing it must be..


Things to love: food, staff, interior and everything that comes with the place, very highly recommended!

Negatives: Location

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££


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