Masala Zone

Masala Zone is a chain of Indian restaurants and I have some embarrassing memories associated with the name. The story goes, when the restaurant was being launched in Soho I participated in a flash mob Indian Bhangra style dance and I was absolutely sh*t at it. It was great fun though so yeah Masala Zone…

The visit was a bit of disappointment which could have been better but I guess the race to be an upper class chic restaurant takes away the edge from Masala Zone.

Booking: For dinner bookings are recommended, we walked in a Sunday late afternoon in the Angel restaurant and it was quite deserted.

Interior and Ambiance:

The restaurants all have a very chic and modern look, quite comfortable and luckily there are no ugly reminders on walls in the name of culture.



The menu is quite extensive and we were told by the server they only use authentic spices (not sure why we needed to know that but yeah!). If I am going to be honest it looked like they were trying to cover all parts of Indian cuisine and also westernizing it and usually this ends up in a bit of disaster and a previous lunch was a reminder how true that was.


We werent in for a full meal so ordered some light tea time refreshments or at least what South Asians eat instead of cakes and biscuits for tea time.

Delhi Samosha Chaat – The chat was pretty okay but we missed the potatoes and the mushy ‘bhallay’ because everything was so crunchy and the portion was so small we ordered another one to actually get to know the taste.

Gol Gappay – Gol Gappay were average with gappay (the hollow round fried dough balls) were not crispy and had a stale oil taste to them. The water had less tamirind and more spices which isn’t great.

Dahi Puri – This was the best part of food. The combination was great and it tasted amazing. Yogurt masked the stale taste of oil and that tiny ginger stick really set our mouths on a journey of taste. Unfortunately the portion was really small so we had to order 2 more.

Things to love:  Interior, South Indian options taste better.

Negatives: Tiny portions, Quite pricey (Tea time refreshments shouldn’t cost £28 for 2 without any drinks), menu can be hit and miss.

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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