Mercado Victoria 

My first night in Cordoba was spent at this awesome market. It is located on the border between old and new town and has a nice park around it also called Victoria park.

Cordoba is a traditional city and is expected a normal downtrodden place but Mercado Victoria was quite exceptionally modern with so many options I was amazed. This is a one stop fun shop where you enter to have some food which has plenty of options, you stay on with drinks and if keen Shisha and if you have had a few too many go on to the dance floor in the club upstairs. What else could you possibly ask for?

My favourite was this little shop wedged between two big ones selling seafood, meat and veggies on skewered very nicely grilled.

I ordered some salmon and tuna and a tentacle of octopus. The grill is quite impressive and the sauce was awesome.

I was also told I had to try the famous cordovan tomato soup (name) which is made with tomatoes, bread, garlic, salt and water. Topped with olive oil it was cold and delicious and I could imagine how awesome it would be in summers.

The next stop after 2 drinks was this seafood shop to get fried and battered sardines and baby squid which is my favourite food wherever I go to try Spanish food.

Talking amongst us we went through that and set our eyes on some tapas and the two sweet elderly ladies filled our plate with salmon, cod, herring and some veggie ones with quail eggs on top.

We danced till 6am and loved every moment at this amazing place. I’m really happy my friends introduced me to this place in Cordoba, if

You happen to be passing by set a foot inside or both and you won’t regret it…

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