Zelman Meats

Zelman meats is the rockstar of Soho with its own brand and flavour of meats and we chose it for a friends birthday lunch.

The staff was extremely sweet and friendly and showed us in even when the place was quite busy we didn’t see any frowns on staff. We were seated and provided menus which was a bit surprising because it was all just one page and you could see the same menu everywhere around on blackboards.The interior was quite retro and the whole feel was very chic. We were falling in love with the place at each step.

We ordered the prawn tempura, beetroot salad and Tagliata for starters because that’s all the starters they had. For mains we chose a mix of short beef ribs, dirty sirloin steak, Chateaubriand steak and picanha slices(rump steaks) with triple cooked chips and roasted cauliflower with hummus and pomegranate seeds.

The starters arrived pretty quickly while we enjoyed watching the chefs grilling meat and the first impression was absolutely brilliant. The prawns were soft and juicy, the beetroot salad very balanced and tagliata with all shades of brown and red and amazing smoky flavour.

The love deepened and we were looking forward to main course which took slightly longer but when it did it blew our minds.

The steaks were perfect medium rare with the dirty sirloin steak and picanha amazing soft and tender. I did notice the lack of seasoning get though but you could sprinkle the salt yourself. The short ribs were absolutely brilliant with perfect quantity of BBQ sauce, which I hate under normal circumstances.

The quantities were adequate and we all ate to the full without feeling the need to order more. The only slightly disappointing bit was roasted cauliflower with hummus which was a bit too dry and felt like it was powdered on top.

All in all Zelman meats has been an amazing experience, one that’s well worth a visit and if you do make sure you make a reservation for this rockstar isn’t around all the time..

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££


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