Village East

Bermondsey High street has a great mix of places so we headed last night for a dinner to try some and finally got a place at Village East of Bermondsey.

The interior was very impressive and the seating around the bar area was quite comfortable. Seeing the bartenders making cocktails is always an interesting experience and this place has an impressive collection of liquor.

We were provided with drinks and food menus which looked nice but the actual digging in was a bit disappointing because of the surprising lack of variety or to better put it, the menu didn’t look very appetising.

We ordered baked sword fish and crispy squids, caramelized onion bread and beetroot cured salmon. We enjoyed our little chat and soon after the food arrived. The presentation was amazing especially the crockery which was absolutely gorgeous and the smell was interesting.

The bread was extremely hard and literally had to grapple with it even though it was slice, not a very good start. Then the main food arrived. The baked sword fish was quite tasteless, plasticky and cold but the squids were another story; sadly the crispy squid was sludgy squids, far from crispy. All in all my food was quite disappointing. The only slightly saving factor was salmon which was nicely cured with bettroot.

If I had to sum up this place in a few words, this place is a shining example of all that glitters is not gold…

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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