All’s Well That Ends Well

Time to wrap up this chapter of life, I feel absolutely amazing about what I have achieved so far, going from 18 to 9% body fat while keeping my body weight the same (fat replacement with muscle) in 12 weeks despite falling sick twice in the middle and pigging out on 2 holidays.

I learnt how to eat better while still making your food taste great and the biggest advantage of documenting it was the pressure it put on me to try new things and not fall in a rut. Reece (My trainer) has been absolutely amazing, giving me those glares when I cheated on food and being understanding when I fell sick.

I will continue posting the recipes I try along with ideas of stuff to do and any other products and companies that could help you with your fitness goals.

A few things to try when I come back from holiday in June is making my own protein bars, I hate the idea of eating weird chemicals in the name of healthy protein replacement so stay tuned..

I have also discovered another company ‘Fresh Fitness Food‘ that helps with custom made meals to suit your nutritional needs. At this stage I have only their website to rely on information and I haven’t tried any actual meals so can’t provide a review but I’ll update y’all once I get to know the company and how things work.

I hope you guys stay in touch and follow my journey all the way through where I do actually get a six pack without having to hold my breath and flex to see them.


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