Bodegas Mezquita

Bodegas Mezquita has the best Rabo de Toro I’ve had in Spain full stop.

Located in an alley right next to the door of mezquita cathedral this restaurant is not your typical local place but despite being slightly touristy the food is amazing. The entrance is typical Spanish with a bar where you can sit and enjoy taps with drinks and there’s a separate dining area.

I decided to go for a proper dinner because it was my last night in cordon and I was a bit sad but that’s why I love food eh! I ordered the three most famous dishes, cold tomato soup, Rabo de toro (ox tail stew) and fried aubergine and some potato salad.

The ox tail was soft, smooth and amazing, the aubergine juicy and not as oily as if expected and tomato soup delicious. You will feel a sticky sensation after eating ox tail because of the texture of meat and the gelatinous stew but drinking some green tea should solve the problem.

Bodegas Mezquita was a lovely experience, one that ended with some lovely fity fity (50/50 white and sweet Andalusian wine).

You will finish your dinner and run to the Roman bridge to catch a glimpse of mezquita from the other side of river hopefully. Enjoy the view, it looks extra amazing with your tummy slowly growling with Andalusian delicacies..

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££


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