The new Korean love I have for Koba is un-explainable but I will try my best. Located near Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road location is just perfect and the first impression is of a very chic place.

Booking: Highly recommended, I booked 2 days in advance and they still only had bar area available which to be honest was more fun.

Interior and Ambiance: Contemporary and modern chic with appropriate lighting and comfortable, laid back environment. I liked the bar area better than the dining area though because of BBQ grills.

Food: When I first booked the restaurant my expectations were not high given previous reviews on google and such and because normally very fancy restaurants have little substance in terms of food or my skepticism to it.


We ordered the things to come together instead of separate courses. We ordered

Soft shell crab salad – Perfectly battered and cooked with not a hint of oil, crispy outside soft inside

Fried calamari with sauce – Again very nicely done with no residue oil and absolutely delish sauce

BBQ plate to share – Overall it was quite good but I didn’t find the marinated beef and chicken thighs very appetising. Octopus prawns. steak and veg were delicious with the sauce. Point to Note Koba staff!!

Kimchi and sauces were the best of this restaurant and turned food into something unique and gave that touch of extra special Korean food-love.

Things to love:  The laid back atmosphere, chic interior and despite being around a BBQ you won’t smell of sauces and smoke when you come out. The menu is innovative and you get plenty of choice.

Negatives: Cucumber kimchi was slightly bland with very big chunks, service was a bit slow and it is a bit on pricey side of things.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££


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