Berwick Street Market

I am so jealous of people who live and work around Soho primarily because of this food market and the awesome food options it provides during the lunch hour. Soho is always buzzing with awesome dinner options but this is a whole new thing I came across when I got a day off and happened to visit a friend who was visiting London.

The market is located right outside the Yard bar and boasts quite a few options, the Polish Street, Venezuelan food, Italian Street food, awesome paella, great burgers, Far Eastern food, South Asian cuisine and then  my favourite hand made pasta, just look at the colours on the thing..

The burgers looked pretty tempting and the Duck & Roll place smelled absolutely amazing. The next big appetiser was Spanish food and Paella but I was looking for something sizzling and spicy and the thing that got my attention was kimchi Korean food stall which was selling some amazing looking beef with Korean sauce and I just jumped on it. It was tender, perfectly done in front of my eyes and a big enough portion to fill me for the rest of afternoon.

The next time I get some time off I’ll visit the Polish street stall which looked very appetising and perhaps a portion of pasta which I absolutely fell in love with and bought some to try at home (It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S).

If you are lucky enough to be around Soho during lunch break you might be lucky enough to get some amazing street food right in the centre of London and life doesn’t get better than this…


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