Every single time we decide to go for brunch someone or other puts a case forward for Balthazar and every time it gets delayed in favour of a new or ‘hot’ place. Not anymore, a friends visiting friend prompted an instantaneous booking for brunch at Balthazar last Saturday afternoon.Located at the most touristy place in London at the very corner of Covent Garden, the French brasserie and boulangerie are very nicely kept especially the shop which makes you want to try everything if not a couple of pieces.

We waited at the bar for 5 minutes after which we were seated and provided menus. I couldn’t help noticing the similarities between Zedel and Balthazar, the menu, the seating, the food options and this was not a good sign especially if this followed the direction to food.

I brushed past my thoughts and asked for avocado on toast with salsa and poached eggs along with escargots(snails) which is the mark of true French kitchen in my head. My friends went for steak tartare and eggs florentine. Sipping green tea with jasmine, nibbling on the bread and catching up we weren’t made to wait for long and the food arrived.

The escargots were quite big in size which was a promising sign but the parsley butter they were served in was slightly dodgy and milky in appearance, not the best I’ve had but I moved on. The onion rings were crispy and perfectly made with a tad bit extra salt which I always like with battered stuff.

The third item on my plate was avocado toast with salsa and poached eggs. Apart from the bread it was a nice experience. There was sow thing about the bread perhaps the sour taste that made it feel slightly stale which isn’t very appetising. My friends half liked their food and I was satisfied when the visitor from Paris gave it the same satisfaction rating.

My quest for a great French place in London continues without any tasty luck, one day….

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

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