Week 10

Okay so it has been 10 weeks now and by now I should have had some results right? Especially if I have been going through all this trouble not to eat wrong food and in most cases readily available food and either cooking or painstakingly making my own.

1- YES, I have seen some amazing results and I am super excited about what’s to come. I have gone from 18% body fat to 12% body fat; well actually it did go all the way to 10% but I put some back on while munching on those yummy pizzas in Venice and back to 10%. I feel much stronger not only in the gym but also in general and it has improved my yoga practice as well.

2- It takes time to restructure your body and more importantly change your eating habits for the long term instead of doing a strict diet and then lose all control when distressed so I have been thinking and acting to reduce these melt downs and it takes time.

3- The most important thing I found is the confidence that I can actually move that fat on my stomach and sides, one that I used to think was going to go to the grave with me which is a real win and I actually get excited about exercise.

So here are the three things to focus on for this week.

Steaks Revisited; I love steaks and I haven’t met many people who don’t but to make a good steaks need a bit of judgement. If you are making it in a grill pan fair enough but if you are BBQ’ing the steaks you need to be careful because the layer that seals the meat and keeps juices inside contains a lot of carcinogenic materials. To reduce those you should marinate your steak in beer overnight and the darker the brew the more effective it is in prevention of these dangerous forming on the surface. Summer is coming and it is time to gobble up some steaks in the sun with salad and my favourite avocados, gear up people and run to clean that BBQ and get the charcoal. I made a few this week with grilled prawns and avocados.

Courgette fritters; I grew up without knowing there’s a vegetable called courgette and it is relatively easier to ignore this amazing vegetable but it is light, fragrant and absolutely amazing for you in summer. I made these really easy 5 minute fritters for dinner and loved them. Grate 2 courgettes and leave them for 5 minutes. Squeeze them to remove the water. Add an egg, salt, pepper, chopped dill, green onions if you like and 1 tablespoon flour to soak up excess moisture. I fried them with a small teaspoon of coconut oil and since it was dinner I added the boiled rice I had to avoid eating them dry on the side. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Give it a try, its super easy, fast and ultra light!

Low Carb Cookies – I am no Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson but I do feel like it this week with the most important discovery so far; Low carb coooookiiieeeesssss!

So it was a god send I promise. I was walking down the TESCO isle looking at all the cookies, cereals and what-not and sighing deeply when I saw Sukrin Almond Flour and I just read the low carb flour part and picked it up. Incredible this flour has only 4g carbs per 100g of flour which seems out of this world.

Since this stuff is gluten, dairy, cruelty and sadness free, rules are slightly different. I added some flour, soy milk, Organic Stevia and an egg and prepared the batter.

The proportion of ingredients is below:

4 tablespoons flour

4 teaspoons stevia

1 egg

1/2 cup soy milk

Adding a small dollop of butter really helps but the flour feels slightly broken because there’s no gluten to bind it together. You need to add extra liquid to make it work. Once batter is ready pre heat the oven to 160 degrees and lightly oil a non stick tray with coconut oil. Use your hands or a cookie cutter to make cookies and bake for 12-15 minutes. Keep checking them because the longer you bake the more dry and brittle these will become. The smell of baking will fill your whole house.

I am planning to experiment by adding a bit of chocolate chips or vanilla or other essences to see if they make any difference. So now you know why I feel like all those amazing chefs just on the back of these 6 simple cookies, creation is a wonderful feeling.

I hope your path to fitness is going as well as well. When you start seeing those abs appearing you will feel justified doing all this diet control and hopefully by now you are used to a new lifestyle that will lead you to better health, physique and strength.

Till next week!

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