One of my good friends is Greek and after a good experience at Hungry Donkey I was craving some more Greek deliciousness. He literally blurted “Opso” and I made the reservation to go with friends for my 3rd birthday dinner (I desperately needed food to distract myself from my increasing age, the plight of birthdays after 25!)

The restaurants is located on Marylebone High Street, one of my favourite places and a short walk from Baker Street Station. The entrance is relatively small and so is the restaurant section on ground floor. We were 6 people and they seated us on the lower floor which was very spacious and had a very calming and relaxing decor.

The menu is quite simple and full of different options to try and try we did…

We decided to go Tapas style and ordered Spanakopita (spinach and cheese quiche),  Taramas (Cod egg roe spread and olives), Cheese platter from Naxos (Smoked Kefalograviera, Arseniko, Graviera and organic strawberry jam), Soutzoukaki Hot dog (beef short rib patty in brioche bun), Salmon Burger, Hand cut oregano chips, Lemon & Oregano Chicken and Kleftiko lamb (roast lamb with potatoes and peppers).

Phoooo that’s a lot of food and my God it was amazing. The cheese spinach quiche style pastry had a very nice flavour without the watery spinach taste because either it tastes watery or too stuffed with cheese but this one had the perfect proportion of both. The bread and Tamaras was interesting but not my favourite.

My Greek friend mentioned the cheese platter so many times I had to get it and I instantly knew why, it was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! The jam made things even better. There is something very awesome about Greek cheese and how brittle they are. It just adds to the flavour. The Salmon burger had a black bun (Not burnt, the colour was black which made it a weird experience because my senses kept checking for burnt flavour and there wasn’t any. The hot dog was good as well with a very flavoursome patty and bun though the size was small.

The real stars of the show however were the Rosemary and Lime chicken and lamb. I have avoided chicken in restaurants for ages because it is bland, boring and normally dry and overcooked or under cooked (thanks to our amazing evolution of farming methods). This was another story, slow cooked for God knows how long and topped with a subtle but very pleasant combo of rosemary and lemon. We ordered 4 more because it was that good. The lamb was good with the perfect combo of peppers (I hate peppers), potatoes (I love potatoes) and lamb which was juicy and cooked to perfection.

Stuffed to our noses we finished ordering more and looked at the dessert menu greedily and saw some interesting options; Loukoumia (dry jelly like pices dusted with sugar in different flavours and Loukoumades which are hollows baked suns in a special sauce with ice cream but the reason I look at dessert menus is to get Creme Brulee and surprisingly Greeks have their own version of this; Greek Milk Pie Brulee.

Long story short, I smothered my face in it and absolutely loved it (it came with a candle on top because I told them it was my birthday, adorable!).

Opso you made my love for Greek food increase tenfold and I cannot wait to go to Greece to try some traditional food. I’ll be back soon!!!


Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££


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