With so many Turkish restaurants in Harringay, Manor House and Wood Green area, it isn’t easy to judge which one’s are good unless you have a Turkish friend who lives in the area and knows good places. Gokyuzu came highly recommended and one chilly evening we headed there to enjoy the Turkish goodness.

The way to get to the restaurants is a bit perilous but we will do anything to get to good food especially Turkish food. Okay I am being too dramatic and turning this into Frodo’s quest but it is a bit far and I’m a ‘central’ worm.

Luckily everyone in the queue before us at the door was in a group of 4 and more and we got a table instantly. The room was very dimly lit (hence the dark pictures) and we were presented with a menu, quite detailed with a lot of variety. We chose Mixed kebab with mixed donner kebabs with some Ayran (yogurt diluted with salted water).

The starters appeared soon which you don’t have to ask for and always consist of green salad, bread and yogurt with cucumbers and mint. This is an awesome combo in summers but not a great one when you’ve just stepped in from a Chilly London night so we tried it a bit but mainly left it as it is but it was definitely fresh and in abundance.

We were chatting about how many Middle Eastern people we were seeing around as a good sign when food arrived. Mixed kebab was quite a big portion with spare ribs (lamb) cubes of lamb meat, minced meat kebab, some chicken and chops. Donner was also a big enough portion with a good mix of chicken and lamb.

The meat was soft and succulent without any hint of lamb stink and we had a good run enjoying every piece in no rush with a bit of Ayran; my favourite drink in the whole world. Donner was slightly bland however so we asked for some more yogurt to spice it up which did help.

Gokyuzu was quite an amazing experience, well worth the trip to Harringay and if you do visit Gokyuzu do try FM Mangal on the opposite side of town for some equally good if not more, Turkish awesomeness.

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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