My first Persian restaurants review is an exciting and slightly embarrassing accolade. Despite being half Persians I haven’t been to many Persian places in London especially good Persian places and I especially after I strayed the blog but Saffron has been on the list for ages because of my last encounter with the place and how smooth and amazing it was.

Located at a central corner of Richmond High Street Saffron is a pearl from the crown of Shah and has been one for last 30 years. Simple decor and a complete menu is what you’ll notice when you visit this classy and unpretentious eatery. I remember I went on my second date to this place and it felt magical and so did today with cold and windy weather outside and cosy and soft inside.

We decided to sit upstairs and ordered some fresh bread, kashk e badanjan(smoked aubergine with wheat and mint) and Mast o Moosir(garlic and shallot infused yogurt). For starters we decided on Joojeh kebab and Soltani kebab.

The food arrived shortly after and the whole time I was eating I missed my mother, it was delicious and had that soft touch. The starters were well portioned and proportioned. Kashk e badanjan was smooth with tiny bits of wheat which made it slightly chewy but just the right amount. Mast o Moosir was like Saadi’s poetry, you get the taste once you have have had it down your throat already.

The bread was fresh and with yogurt just made the whole combo very tasty. We sipped some tea between courses and waited for our kebabs. In Iran there’s a tradition of serving the kebabs with saffron rice and you are given butter to melt in warm rice. The grilled meat is seldom spicy and you add spices as you like.

The food came and the size of plates was just overwhelming. Saffron rice were perfect without excess moisture or extra bite; absolutely brilliant.

We melted the butter and started with our kebabs. The meat was soft, tender and still juicy inside and it had a particular BBQ smell that you only get when you grill it on actual coals after a good and long marination. We didn’t speak till we finished everything and when we did it was just praises.

Thank you Saffron for reminding me of home so far from home. I am in love and whenever I miss my mom I’ll head to Saffron.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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