La Botilleria

A long day taking in Alhambra/Alambra/Alhamra ended up at this taps place in Granada. La Botilleria is located in the twisty turny narrow streets of Granada city centre and has a very local feel to it albeit the amazing international taste.

The things that fascinated me the most about Andalusia is the concept of tapas.

In olden times labourers used to be extremely poor and at the end of day had to choose between food and drinking and surprise surprise they used to choose drinking. This resulted in deaths and weak labour. After a while the the bars started adding a bit of food on the side so the drinking alone doesn’t cause the kind of havoc it was causing. This lead to Tapas and you can see this tradition still alive and well in south of Spain.

You buy a drink of €2 and you get a tapas with it. The more you drink the more you eat and it balances things a bit.

The rules here were the same but I was in no mood to ruin my next day and ordered just tapas. The staff was quite surprised by my choice but I guess they shrugged and thought ‘what does a brown man know about how to eat and drink in Andalusia. Still they were very sweet and got me seated at the bar.

The tapas collection that came after was absolutely tongue twisting from cod to shocked and beef and everything in between.

The sauces that came with tapas were worth licking the plate clean for and the whole environment so relaxed and fun with a lot of chattering and humming with soft music.

This was an absolutely brilliant discovery and I would highly recommend this place not only to enjoy food but have the food in proper Andalusian style..

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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