Week 7

Week 7 has been lazy and I kept hitting snooze on new ideas because I went to train extra to catch up with missed sessions and I have jelly legs now ouch!!!

Perhaps the most important thing I made this week was spicy baby chicken and I love this recipe because of its simplicity.

Take a baby chicken and cut it into small pieces, with or without skin. I hate the skin so I always get rid of it. And marinate it in lemon, red chilli, cumin, turmeric, salt, bay leaves, ginger and garlic. Leave it for an hour or so and then heat some coconut oil and add the marinated chicken to it on medium heat. Once the chicken starts crying turn the heat high for a couple of minutes and then add tomatoes. I normally add 6 chopped tomatoes for every 1 kg.

Let it cook on low heat and in 20 minutes you will get your Karahi chicken. Eat it with rice, bread or on its own like I did. I was short on time for marination and tried to compensate with cooking on slow heat for longer and the chicken left the bones but oh well, it tasted great.

The other thing I tried because I was in a hungry mood was the Spirulina Bar by ProteinHaus as well as some protein bars.

The Spirulina bar with pumpkin seeds was quite mellow but delicious, exactly what you expect from a properly sweetened dessert or snack and not an over-sugared piece of junk. It was soft and moist and the portion size was just right.

The other disaster I discovered was protein bars and no matter what they say how deceiving they can be. Most of them are loaded with carbs which bring that much dreaded Insulin spike and others are loaded with artificial sweeteners.

What’s wrong with artificial sweeteners you ask, well! They are known to cause mental health issues in later age (I think it’s Alzheimer’s) and also if it is anything other than Stevia, it will bring that insulin spike anyway so stop wasting money on eating these ridiculous loss of weird chemicals in the name of protein bars.


Another nice surprise was artichoke antipasti with celery. I simply added artichoke and when the oil came out I added celery and took it out when it became crispy.

Toss some prawns in the oil with soya sauce and the whole thing turns out to be AMAZING!!! Try it!


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