Mercado de la Merced

At the end of walking tour and before a relaxing spa appointment I had to fill my tummy with some food and my guide instantly pointed me to Mercado de la Merced behind the happy statue of Picasso who is the son of Malaga.

This is something amazing about Spain, no matter where I go from Mercado Victoria in Cordoba to Mercado San Miguel in Madrid and elsewhere I have found great food markets. They are all modern spaces offering great food as well as areas for fresh produce.

This one is quite new and modern and offers a great number of typical Andalusian delicacies from regional cheese and wine to special Tapas and Rabo de Toro (Ox’s tail).

I settled for a small selection of peppered and smoked cheese along with cheese in oil, some cheese croquettes and small selection of seafood tapas.

The taste was amazing and after almost half way through I realised why spa oars are such a happy nation, the secret lies in good food, healthy active lifestyles and not excessive worrying about jobs and future like the Northern Europeans (not to imply that spaniards are not hardworking).

The cheese was amazing and croquettes melted in my mouth. The taps was amazing and I would highly recommend you try some sweetness at the end with typical Malaga sweet wine like xx or something interesting they have here called 50/50 which is an equal mix of white and sweet wine.

I left with a sweet buzz to enjoy my spa appointment for life was great…

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