Week 6

This has been an unusual week. I watched a documentary on Netflix titled ‘Cooked‘ and I fell in love with Michael Pollon and his beautiful journey of rediscovering food and our connection to it through the 4 primal elements; Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

This has been one of the most inspiring documentaries I have seen in ages, one that forced me to spend a little more time in the kitchen and that resulted in flavours and aromas I had forgotten because of all the processed and ‘ready to cook’ food. I would highly recommend you take some time and watch it. I felt  not only amazed but also content that I was creating something that made us who we are.

The first discovery to introduce is ready-made (Ironic!!!). This amazing Corgette and kale salad with a delightful feta cheese topping is absolutely amazing, light, refreshing and surprisingly tasty. I can eat this any day without making the kale-face. Well done Leon!!!


Another new experiment was to make Salmon more amazing. I love salmon because of its ease to prepare and how healthy it is, full of amazing nutrients. I saw some quick tips on BBC last week when I was sick and they absolutely transformed the taste of food for me. I’ll share the one for Salmon and roasting meat with you.

For Salmon, add just a small amount of oil; a few drops to the pan and heat the pan. Once it is hot, put the salmon in skin side down. Leave it be till it is about 80% cooked all the way to the top and then add some butter, let it froth and then squeeze some lemon juice. Turn the fish over and let it cook for a minute. Take a toothpick and pierce the fish, if no resistance your fish is cooked to perfection. Take it out in a plate. To the buttery sauce add some dill and once fragrant pour it on top of salmon.

Another thing I saw in the supermarket and wanted to experiment with is Samphire. It is a rather interesting veg with amazing texture. Boil it in water for 3-5 minutes, take it out and service with some butter and cherry tomatoes. This was my meal for Saturday afternoon and I felt like the king, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!


Beef roast is ridiculous to get right, not anymore. I do admit it takes a bit of effort but the end result will just leave you speechless. The most difficult part in roasting process is making sure the meat stays moist inside and this can be achieved through a new secret weapon I have discovered called Brining.

Brining is not just dipping the meat in highly concentrated salted but doing it sensible to add flavour not just salt. It is fairly simple; take 250 gms salt per liter of water and add 2-3 tablespoons sugar in it along with whatever herbs you fancy. I added rosemary, thyme and basil. Bring it to a boil and leave to cool down. Submerge the meat (beef,lamb,chicken) overnight in this water. Throw the water away next day and make sure you take excess water out by dabbing it with paper town. Add some herbs on top along with a little butter and slow roast till tender. It took me around 4 years to get these beauties at 150 degrees. Needless to say I just gave myself a gold star for this work and my week will go by gloriously craving for home made food instead of pigging out in restaurants. Bravo Mr. Meeee!!!

An extension with my favourite veg is roast lamb with okra. I roasted the lamb with the beef but with different spices (black pepper, cumin and dried mint). For okra the best thing is to wash and dry it. The chop the head and tail off and cut it into chunks. Fry a little onion in coconut oil and add the okra to it. Slow heat is the answer here otherwise okra will absorb all the oil and start burning. I added some salt, red chilli flakes and dried pomegranate seeds to it and covered it. Okra will go limp and then in perfect state and leave the oil. squeeze some lemon on top and leave it be for another minute or so.

Your okra is ready to be served with lamb and rice or roast potatoes. Eat and be merry y’all!!!

A little update on the side, It has been 6 weeks now and my body fat percentage has reduced to 13% from 18%. I was jumping up and down when I saw the results. Perseverance does pay off. Follow my journey to the end and hopefully you’ll get to see some abs while still eating good food. With love!

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