Garum 2.1

Garum 2.1 was one of those stop which you make because you can’t hold off being hungry anymore between all the sightseeing and it looks good. The restaurants is located close to Roman bridge and I absolutely loved their menu with a lot of choice and the a local friend also recommended it.

We chose to sit outside because it was a glorious spring day with lots of beautiful sun and a few clouds but overall it made you feel good and snuggle sitting outside.

The menu had some interesting options but we wanted to eat and be on our way so we decided to go with tapas and ordered cheese with olive oil and roasted almonds, the infamous cold tomato soup with boiled egg, fried baby squids and calamari and rack of lamb ribs.

We sat outside soaking sun drinking and planning about where to go after this. The first thing to arrive was a basket of bread with tomato soup. This soup is slightly different than your normal soups, it is made of tomatoes (DUH!!), garlic, salt, olive oil and some bread (yes bread), they basically put it all together and blend it to a thick consistency. There was a hard boiled egg in there with some olive oil on top and it was quite delicious.

Same thing goes for the cheese with almonds and olive oil, the entire was nice but I’m not a big fan of Spanish cheese per-se because I find it slightly bland but the combination of almonds and olive oil and a few bites of tomato soup soaked bread made the whole combo work.

The last thing that came was lamb rib rack and by this time we were perfectly ready for it. The first bite just left us with a wow. Cooked with its own fat still wrapped around it just trapped the taste inside. To be honest we went through the whole rack within minutes, it was just perfect on the day with our hungry growling stomachs and perfect cooking. The meat was still very soft and the best part was fat was perfectly cooked so we didn’t feel weird with soft fat tissue dripping.

With our hunger well catered for we paid the bill and left for a detailed your of Mezquita Cathedral and that too surpassed all expectations. If you happen to be strutting around give it a try I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££


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