Launch of ‘Origins of’ in Blessings Bar

Cold grey and windy evenings usually bring me to good food places and last Wednesday I layers up to attend the press launch of ‘Origins of’ in Blessings bar near Spitalfields market.Blessings bar is a cozy little bar with really intimate space and absolutely chilled out vibe.


Climb a few stairs and you are in a room humming and buzzing with loads of foodies and bloggers. We met Josh who explained the concept behind the idea and a bit about the chef and his inspiration, grabbed our drinks and sat down.

The view from the window and the chandelier got made into something magical by our servers who kept bringing the neatly made falafel flat rolls, buttermilk soaked and fried cauliflower and chicken.

After trying a few of them we dived into a beetroot centred falafel and buttermilk chicken basket with some drippings and absolutely loved every single bite. The dips complimented the food perfectly be it tangy or fresh cucumber.

Perfectly proportioned and portioned food in an amazing environment, great staff and location; this is an amazing new experiment, one I’m very keen on repeating.

Blessings of is the best take on modern middle eastern food in London I have seen so far, if you want to take a dip, don’t spend any more time waiting because the venue is open for three months for now and I would love to see some more of this food happening…

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