Week 4

Week 4 was a mix of holiday hangover and a bit of motivation to leave the holiday mood behind and get back to healthy eating. I went on a shopping spree and bought smoked fish, fresh fish, lamb chops, beef steaks and mince and a cart load of veggies.

One thing I have noticed with time is that initially I had some issue digesting vegetables but that has changed with time and I don’t feel as weird eating a butt load of veggies with every food. Go greeeen!!!

If you are like me and like to snack a lot especially at work I have discovered a magical solution; mange tout or sugar snap peas. I know it sounds a bit weird but these crunchy goodies are perfect to eat mindlessly and the best part is they won’t leave your breath stinking like sweets and there’s the advantage of not getting dehydrated as well as less calories. It’s a win-win for everyone hallelujah!!!


A new discovery that is not very good on its own is the mixed seafood salad from ProteinHaus but it an be made very interesting by adding a pinch of salt, a dash of lemon juice and olive oil and for £5.5 it is a lot of seafood.

I normally hate scrambled eggs because of that eggy smell they have but I have managed to overcome that by a magical ingredient; cumin.

You chop some spring onions and heat some coconut oil and fry the onions for 30 seconds. Add some salt and cumin and let it dry for 10 seconds and it will release its aroma. Add a couple of eggs and scramble them till they are almost done. Fall in love with scrambled eggs and have it with smoked salmon to make your breakfast even yummier.

Last but not the least I have actually made eating peppers fun for myself. I always hated the slightly bitter veggie taste they have but when you steam or heat them up they go sloppy, NO MORE!!

I had some mince that I cooked the normal way with tomatoes onions salt pepper and another new favourite ingredient; dried pomegranate seeds (these ingredients are easily available from Asian shops in case you’re wondering where I am pulling this all I’m pulling all of this out from).

The next step is the carefully remove the top of peppers and hollow them out. Fill them with hot mince and drill two small holes in the bottom for the oil to leak out.

I did not bake it because I wanted the peppers to be crunchy and the mince really takes away the slightly bitter pepper taste.
All in all this week has been slow but good. My body is getting used to the veggie life style and I feel more fresh and my stomach feels nice too.

I’ll be back with some more low carb dishes for next week, don’t forget to check it out…

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