Ceviche is a sister restaurant of Andina and since our previous encounter with Andina was quite an enjoyable one, we headed to Ceviche to find a more central Peruvian food love spot. Located on Firth street the restaurant is quite simple and looks like any other Soho eatery with an interior to match but it is quite cosy and warm and the size of tables gives it a miniature feeling and it looks very cute.

We had made the reservation and got seated immediately on arrival with menus to arrive quite quickly. After a heavy night out on Saturday we were hungry and looked at the menu greedily. Finally we settled on Cassava chips with sauce (Yucas), Causa Iquitos (Palm hearts and passion fruit tartar, avocado, pea shoots, smooth cool potato cake, yum yum!) for starters, my friend wanted to try the scallops ceviche with passion fruit and though I am not a big fan of scallops or passion fruits, I was curious to find how the combo worked (besides it is called ceviche, we had to get ceviche…) and for mains we got duck confit with rice and chillies and lamb shank with Peruvian potatoes.

The starters arrived earlier than expected (always a good sign especially when you’re crazy hungry) and we jumped on them. Both Cassava chips or Yucas with sauce and the tartar cake was amazing with a slight tangi-ness that just added flavour to the taste.

Then arrived the ceviche which was a bit of a shock because I was expecting it ceviche style (probably more Ecuadorian style in a bowl) but this was quite bitter and mostly without any flavour. We left this mostly untouched and waited for the mian course. Both the dishes were amazing, lamb was soft with a nice half mash of Peruvian potatoes in a very flavorsome sauce. The duck was even better and the combo with chillies and rice just made it amazing.

Ceviche does pretty amazing food apart from Ceviches sadly but that’s no reason to get disheartened. If you are looking for some great food head to Ceviche and if you are looking for some awesome ceviches head to Tostado!!

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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