Black Cat

I am not sure how the idea of Vegan and vegetarian food being boring and utterly tasteless crept into our heads but Black Cat is a vegan warrior which will utterly change your opinion no matter how much you love meat.

One grey afternoon I headed there with a friend with a lot of allergies to truly test the place; not intentionally though. It is a very cosy little place on the corner of a street in Hackney. The cafe is simple, very neat, friendly, self serviced, has a good collection of books and also has a small shop with good options, basically a vegan heaven according to my friend.

We looked at the menu and I was amazed to see a few really yummy options despite the normal concept of vegan food being bland and boring. I ordered Courgette and veggie pancake with salads and my friend got falafel with pitta bread with a fresh salad on the side. The staff did it and he really did get a good meal despite being allergic to nuts, dairy and gluten.

The food is made fresh and you can smell the warm smell coming from behind the counter and came pretty quick. The pancake was utterly amazing, soft, moist, good consistency and the salad was ultimately fresh and crunchy. The falafel was also nice and full of flavour. Before we knew we were done with quite big portions of food without feeling queasy and headed for a gluten free cake slice that just turned our day into 7 colours despite the greys outside with its orangy yumminess.

Black Cat is an ultimate must, one of my new favourites and an eye opener for sure and I am actively searching for more vegan and vegetarian places but I’ll never forget this first love!

Food Experience       ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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